Say no to Coal Power Plant in Davao City

Like the Banaue Rice Terraces, Davao City of the Maharlikans is typhoon-free due to the very ancient weather modification technology in Nan Madol, Micronesia most likely by our Maharloka Ancestors, the most powerful nation in ancient Lemuria, possibly dated in contemporary with the Indonesian Gunung Padang pyramid about 20,000 years ago prior to the sinking of Sundaland. In the World landmark IPRA (Indigenous People's rights Act) Law by Marcos, of the ancient Ancestral Domains mentioned by virtue of thousands of years of Heritage of Maharlikan ancestors, only one city was mentioned: Davao.…/there-is-very-intriguing-d… Any typhoon formed within the triangle of Nan Madol - Banaue - Davao may render the city area safe and protected by the ancient Maharlika technology like the alleged supertyphoon about to strike Davao weeks ago but mysteriously diffused. But in the era of Climate Change typhoons are starting to form even underneath Mindanao that could render the city vulnerable. Further the modern era advancing in weather technology HAARP and the recent Typhoon Yolanda attack. Alarmingly the puppet Yellow administration financed by coal businesswoman Napoles is instead saturating Mindanao and the country with coal plants despite warnings by UN and even banning by other countries due to its pollution and alarming implication to Climate Change.