Better than Ebay NWT (New with Tags)

***This group is for buying and selling NEW WITH TAG items ONLY or in box/packaging*** for Memphis, Tn (Shelby Co and surrounding counties)

Same rules apply here as most other resale pages:
1. No more than 10 pics, then make an album if at all possible please.
2. No "want" rule here...first to comment by asking questions or showing interest has first dibs...then seller should go down the list in order.
3. ONLY items NEW WITH TAGS can be posted on this page. NO handmade or homemade items, no BARELY used, no new items without tags can be posted. ALL ITEMS MUST HAVE TAGS, IN A BOX OR PKG WITH BARCODE!! Everything else WILL be deleted without notice. If I don't see a tag or you don't state in your post it is nwt's IT WILL BE DELETED!!!
4. Always post price and location of pick up on your pics to avoid any confusion.
5. Always state on your pics if they are cross posted.
6. No lowball offers! Not only is it offensive but it is inconsiderate to the seller... You will be removed if you do so after continually being warned. Pm the seller w/lower offers.
7. No advertisements of any kind, contest, job postings or sales pitches can be posted on this page.
8. No backdoor must comment on the page if you are interested, not in a pm. This is to avoid confusion and so nobody feels they were skipped. After showing interest then you can pm for questions, details and pick up info.
9. Bumping is allowed once every 24 hrs.
11. Once the seller stakes his claim on the item he has 24 hrs to make contact with the seller. If no contact is made within that time frame the seller may move on down the list.


NOTE: The admins are not responsible for items sold on this page. It is the buyers responsibility when buying from someone. Much like a garage sale items are sold as is, so with that said be very careful what you buy.

****We encourage everyone to make pickup arrangements through a personal message and not on the newsfeed. Also always try and arrange to meet in the daylight and in a heavily populated area. This is for your safety! ****

*if you have any questions or issues please pm the admin, Melissa Lancaster*

....and most of all be kind and considerate to others. As always treat others as you would want to be treated. Have fun and Happy Shopping!:)