Here's to affordable Healthcare. Rx Cuts Prices. This is NOT INSURANCE.

Let's Give Every AMERICAN, even their PETS, Affordable Health Coverage. Isn't it time we help ourselves. The Goverenment is so busy helping others that our own falls thru the cracks. Let's step up to the plate and pass on this GREAT MEDICAL ALTERNATIVE.

We are now Partnered with LAB CORP.

Healthcare should be available to everyone. I fell into the MEDICARE DONUT HOLE.
While looking for help I stumbled upon This wonderful insurance alternative. This is GREAT for people who have very HIGH RX Copays or no Coverage at all. It is going to get me thru the $3000.00 I have to pay to get thru THE HOLE.

This is a product that stands alone. It will not eliminate or reduce any copayments.

The Card is FREE...No Monthly Membership FEES...$9.99/month FAMILY DENTAL PLAN...If it is a few services that you want there are three to choose from. All are FAMILY and range in price from $14.99/month for BASIC to $37.99/month for Premier..

My Better Rx is concerned about the rising healthcare costs affecting over 50 million people in America and we are offering FREE access to savings up to 75% off prescription and up to 50% off the typical price of lab tests and imaging services.

•No enrollment fees
•Everyone qualifies
•All cards are active
•No activation or enrollment
•Unlimited uses
•Never expires
•Works for all FDA approved prescription medications

To locate a lab or imaging center or to order your test follow the links below or call toll free by phone at 1-800-808-1213. Don't forget to print your FREE card above, you will need the RxGroup number to obtain the savings.

Let's Give Every AMERICAN, even their PETS, Affordable Health Coverage