Twin Cities Sales You Can Use Your Credit Cards And/Or Paypall

This site is for people selling LOCALLY and surrounding areas within Minnesota and boarding Wisconsin to give a potential customer ability to pick an item up locally if they wish.


1. You must be able to take a credit card, debit card or pay pal in order to POST YOUR ITEMS FoR SALE.

2. If you are cash only, there are plenty of other sites to sell your items. I created this one because of other sites not wanting home businesses, which to me is what we are all doing to try to sell and make money on these sites. So, I decided to give people a site where I can offer my things the way I chose.

3. While I'm open to local businesses, I'm at this time excluding items that are things people are selling as a rep for a corporation. I do allow these on my Twin Cities Mommies Market site, but legs keep this what I intended it to be.

4. Sell your cast off, unwanted items and let the public know what you take as payment, your pick up location, if you're willing to meet, or offer postage.

5. Your items can be homemade but must be approved first. I will be checking all submitted posts first to ensure they are complying with the general rules.

6. Anyone causing drama will be removed, I have had my fill of it from the Mommies site so I'm sorry. I have many other sites I've started which never have given me trouble, I hope it stays that way for this one too! Ugh! ;-)

That's all I can think of, simply be kind, courteous and respectful. Put as much I go as possible on your post, always include your price too.

Any questions, send me a message! Good luck and I hope this site works!!!