Laurel Bay For Sale Group

Welcome to the Laurel Bay For Sale Group! While you are awaiting your membership approval let me welcome you to our group! We are glad to have you! There are a few rules that are very important that we would like you to know while you are awaiting approval to the group. When your membership is approved please take a brief moment to read our rules, they are located on the right hand side of the wall under documents. For our newcomers we would like to just inform you of a few very important rules right away:

1. Never make your own album.

2. Please be courteous when posting multiple pictures. Others would like their items to bee seen as well. Pictures from cell phones are welcome.

3. After an item has been sold please remove posts.

4. Yard Sales/ Rummages please limit advertising post to 1 week before, 3 days before, and 1 day before than day of.

5. Home consultants (ie: Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple) wanting to advertise their business please post in documents HOME CONSULTANTS page. Your allowed to post specials on main wall page. Wall specials are limited the 1st and 15th of each month.

6. Remember this site will only be as successful as its members allow it to be. Above all please be courteous.

Lastly we have admins here to help so please feel free to ask questions and don't feel that your question is dumb or silly because the only dumb or silly one is the one that is not asked. We are here to help you so feel free to send us a message we also have a document for suggestions as well. Happy Selling/Shopping!!! Thank you for your time and Welcome to The BEST FOR SALE GROUP! THE LAUREL BAY FOR SALE GROUP! LAUREL BAY, SC ~ADMINS~