Earlham, IA Neighbor Swap and Share

We have been discussing some things that have been brought to our attention. We have lost members to this. If someone private messages you to purchase the item please ask them to post that they want it under that post. This should be done in order of comments. Also we ourselves & we have read under some posts about people delivering items. That is completely up to the buyer & seller.Please "bump" items only every 12 hours!!You should also only "bump" your own items.Yes you will see items I have bumped but I am usually asked to find something or someone is looking for a specific item or it is a community event! We have been trying to keep the page clutter free.. If you ask a question & it has been answered within a couple days we would like to remove it. If it is something that is community news we will keep it posted @ least 2 weeks or if it is an event we will leave it up til the day after the event. Also we will keep items up for you if they have not been sold until they are sold unless you want to remove them or ask us to remove it for you. Before I forget we also want everyone who is in business for themselves Such as photography , selling books & Avon please feel free to use the page as free advertisement but please remove old adds & keep adding new ads. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact us. Thank you all so much! Happy Swapping!!!