Indian Trail Elementary PTA-Spokane

First of all WELCOME and thank you for joining our page!!

Disclaimer: The Indian Trail Elementary PTA-Spokane Facebook page has been established for educational and communication purposes only. The page is not operated by Indian Trail Elementary or the Spokane School District. It is made up and administrated by active PTA parents. Our intended audience is the parents/guardians, faculty, administration, and staff of the school. Our Facebook page is heavily moderated and monitored and may not function as freely and openly as an individual's personal page or a traditional business page. For this reason, any content deemed inappropriate for the school environment will be immediately deleted, and administrators reserve the right to restrict access to our page to people/entities that are not considered part of its target audience.

It seems that so many of us anymore are constantly using some form of social networking that we felt that this may provide one more way to reach out to our Indian Trail Families! This page will be used to notify you of events coming up at the school and/or request help needed for those events. We are also hoping to post what we will be discussing at our monthly PTA meetings and encourage you to attend the 1 hour meeting.

Finally by signing up it will just keep you updated on what is happening. It is still your choice how much you want to be involved!

On behalf of the PTA we appreciate you joining!