Bicycle Market

Welcome to the Bicycle Market Aus/NZ.


Please post ONLY private sales for items you own and wish to pass on to like-minded enthusiasts.

Where possible and for ease of reference, please include as a minimum;

- Price

- Clear description incl. details of any superficial or other damage

- Size where relevant

- Location and willingness to post

- Any other pertinent information

Any spam, industry posts or posts deemed by the administrators not to fit the intent of the page (incl. requests for donations) may be subject to removal. Whilst every care is taken to ensure bogus/commercial profiles are not allowed into the market, they may from time to time get through checks. Please report suspected bogus activity to the administrators as a priority.

Trashing of members For Sale posts is unacceptable at any time. Degrading their item or posting claims to the same item being available overseas for less is not tolerated.

Please note that the administrators reserve the right to remove posts that do not abide by these terms at their discretion.

Members who cannot abide by these terms or who display offensive, abusive, aggressive or inappropriate behaviour (incl. thread hijacking) may be removed and/or banned at the administrator’s discretion.

Membership to the Bicycle Market is limited to users in Aus/NZ.