Ravenwood and ravenskye

To you all that have played Ravenwood fair and Ravensky ..Many hours and quests has been what has brought a lot of us together... You all have brought so much enjoyment to the game...and my life. This is what I am going to miss the most!!! Thank you for your friendships in the game and the wonderful moments spent together the smiles shared. I have enjoyed our time and hoping to stay friends. I enjoy many of your posts. If another game comes along that hits your heart like ravenskye let me know and I will check it out if I can. This game brought something special into my life YOU. This game will be sadly missed. Thanks to all of you!!!! I am hoping to stay friends you all have touched my heart ...please feel free to keep me as a friend cause these games are ending don't feel that I didn't care and that I don't want to remain friends...cause that isn't true. I use to love to send 300 or more gifts in a day to you all because I knew that it made your day... and know if you disappeared for a while I worried about you like a mother hen. We now will not have as much contact till we can find a game we all like. But I will be looking to know your ok and well. — feeling sad.