Jenny & Dave run the Shinfield 10K in aid of SBC Ghana Mission

On Monday 2nd May we will be running the Shinfield 10K to raise money for a trip to Ghana Jenny will be going on, through the global charity International Needs.

A group of young people from Selsdon Baptist Church will be travelling to the village of Adidome in Ghana in order to carry out practical work, such a painting, at a vocational college for women and girls freed from slavery. We will also be running a holiday club for children from local schools, and bringing donations to the school.

I am hugely priviledged to be going on this trip to Ghana, but we need your support in order to make it possible. This is such an important cause to us that we (particularly Jenny!) have been training for months to run the 10K (and hopefully get a good time into the bargain!). Any donations, no matter how small, are very gratefully received and will go directly towards the cost of the trip and resources to be donated to local schools in Adidome.

Don't worry if you don't fancy joining this group, but please do visit our JustGiving page:

Thank you :)