Maeve Marin: Mini fashionista

Maeve Marin (17-01-2014) is known for her impeccable taste in (baby's) clothing. She was born with a great passion for fashion, and finds it awesome to show you her outfits every day.
Maeve loved to take pictures with her big bull-terrier sister Skyy. It's devastating, but she went to the rainbowbridge on May 29th 2014. It made her and her mum extremely sad. Now there is a lil' bullie sista in da house, her name is Pixxie and she was born on April 9th 2014. Maeve and Pixxie will grow up together, so that'll be great fun.
Enjoy the bright life of fashionista-girl Maeve (and bullie Pixxie + Washington, the norwegian forestcat).