Centerburg High School Class of '83

I have had a few people ask me about the 30 year reunion. I have been thinking maybe we should do it a little more simple this time as at the 20 year there was a lot of cost incurred on my part for the planning and David Sammons had to help pay for a lot of meals that werent paid for at the golf course. Maybe to keep the costs down we should try to have it at a classmates home. Does anyone in the class of 83 have a big back yard and live in the burg? Maybe we could set up tables and all bring something like a potluck kind of thing instead of a formal meal. If anyone still wanted to get together during the day I am sure people would love to meet to golf or maybe just hang around and chat at a local place. It would be nice to make a showing at the banquet this year as well. I know at the 10 and 20 it ended up being a whole weekend thing and that was wonderful. I am getting ready to move again and I am not sure where I will be landing this time but I would open my home up for the day on Sunday if no one else can to just have a casual day like at the 10 and 20. Let me know what you guys think.