There are those who believe 12-21-2012 is the End. Perhaps we should all do our part to make sure it is indeed the End, the End of violence, of hate and all the horrors seen in all forms of media. One of the greatest gifts humanity was given was Free Will, so why don't we all exert that Free Will and use December 21, 2012 as a stepping stone? Let us collectively use that free will to end suffering, end pain, end conflict. Let us instead unite under the ideal that we can create a future safe for all generations, for all people of all ages, and backgrounds. We arrogantly call ourselves a "civilization", let us now work towards proving the "civil" part and earn our right to stand proud and tall in the universe. Each day, we should all take a moment to observe everyone around us, remember they have a story to tell, a light that desperately seeks to shine. If need be, let us all do at least one good deed once per day and do more as days go on. Take the time to help someone. Remember not to be so quick to judge others as this world belongs to all of us; the homeless man is still someone's son, the prostitute is still someone's daughter. We are all here, and we all need to survive and we all deserve a future lit with hope & not darkened by despair. As one, with baby steps if need be, let us begin a new journey. Each journey begins with one step, let's all join and make that step on 12-21-2012. End the violence, End the hate, End the fear.