Plainview Fire & Rescue Cadets

Any Past or Present students that have been involved with our cadet program.

Plainview Fire & Rescue started this program in 2006 with 3 students.

The Program usually starts in March and goes through May.

Students are given the same Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that members of the department use.

The majority of exercises that we do in the class are the same exercises that members of the department do year around; including operating pumpers, shuttling water, nozzle operations with live fire, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) training in a blacked out enviornmnet with obstacles to go around, handling the "Jaws of Life"on a vehicle, at the end of the class we will usaully have a live burn inside of an abandoned structure.

Within the 8 week class there is also a night on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) where students will be shown how to use different tools found on ambulances correctly, how to properly extricate someone out of a vehicle or how to move a patient from the floor to the cot.