Hi guys, just wanted to pass on some info from the Fraser Coast Regional Council regarding beach riding at Hervey Bay. We had a ride there at Dundowran Beach (the only place we're allowed to) on Sunday and this is the follow up regarding parking permits for the reserve - "DUNDOWRAN BEACH RIDE - just spoke with Daniel (one of the compliance officers at council) and they have not had any complaints about our day. They are more than happy for us to be on the beach and continue to park in the reserve. Anyone with a current parking permit, will need to contact the council on 1300 79 49 29 and let them know that you need to speak to a compliance officer with regard to parking permits for the reserve at the beach end of Sawmill Road. They will register your float details and issue you with a permit. This is not a "float" permit as such, simply a permit to allow you to park on that reserve." If anyone is interested in riding on our beach. Please remember that you can only ride from Sawmill Road, Dundowran Beach back south towards Eli Creek.