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To the dearest good fellas,

This is a discussion board to talk about investment ideas and progress. This was

made because a lot of us will invest a substantial amount of hard earned money

into some of these ideas. To have a competitive edge over the market, instead of

finding out information individually it is in the best interest of all of us to contribute

news and activities that should be noted and considered when buying in or more

importantly selling out to make the most out of positive or negative trends. All of

you guys have been chosen selectively because you have a genuine desire to

become successful and are not complacent in doing so.

Remember keep all information to ourselves in order to keep our success' to a high

while remaining quiet and not boastful.

Any questions or queries please don't hesitate just post any suggestions.

Remember risk management is probably the most important aspect to discuss so

feel free if you have any fears to which can be irradiated.

Cheers ,