Herbalife Distributor Support Group

A group for Herbalife distributors from ALL different lines, sponsors and organisations to come together, share ideas, answer questions, ask questions, encourage and support one another. We are bound by one common vision.

Herbalife operates in 90 countries around the world (and growing). People in this group could be from any of those Herbalife countries. This is truly an international business "by the people for the people".

If you are a guest here, please note:
"Thank you for your question. All of us in this group are Herbalife members already. You can only buy Herbalife products from one of two places. You can either buy it as a Herbalife customer at full retail from an existing Herbalife member, or you could become a Herbalife member yourself and buy the products directly from the Herbalife warehouse in your country at a minimum discount of 25%. You become a Herbalife member by purching a Herbalife member pack through an existing Herbalife member and submitting the Herbalife member application to Herbalife. In some countries this could all be done online; in others countries you do it offline. Once registered as a Herbalife member, you can order online from the Herbalife warehouse in your country and Herbalife will deliver the products at any nominated address in that country. This Facebook group is for the Support of Herbalife Members and therefore you can choose any one of us to help you, or you can choose a Herbalife member that is already known to you."