AJ Custard for 2015 Vice President

Class of 2015,

My name is A.J Custard, and it is my goal to become the Vice President of the Class of 2015. I am creating this group to not only campaign, but to begin discussion. I am running for Vice President because I believe I am best fit for the position and I truly care for the Class of 2015.

As an officer of the Class of 2015, I would:


Give every group on this beautiful campus a chance, and ability, to stand for what they believe for. No matter race, religion, gender or sexuality-everyone should have a chance to stand what they believe for and represent our class in the way they chose. A vote for me is a vote for unity with diversity


I am here to work towards the goals of our class, not just of myself. My plan is to move the Class of 2015 forward, and keep us moving to a safe and stable place, that is able to support our class and speak for our class. A vote for me is a vote for efficiency.


Everyone in our class deserves a voice. I will work transparently, and in a mode that allows everyone in the class to speak up and to know what their Class Council is doing. A vote for me is a vote to be heard

As you decide whom to vote for, feel free to post on the wall or to find me in Letts Hall or around the campus. Meet the candidate locations and times will be posted, as they are decided.

So, I ask for you vote. Your vote will not just be for me, but for diversity-progress and a voice.

Thank you,

AJ Custard