Infusionsoft Certified Partners

Welcome to the Infusionsoft Certified Partners Facebook Group.

We want the Certified Partner community to be strong and connected in our purpose to help small businesses succeed. You’re encouraged to ask questions, help each other, share ideas and participate.

This group is moderated and members can only be added and removed at Infusionsoft’s discretion. Please do not add or invite anyone to the group.

As a member of this group, we ask all participants to abide by these community guidelines:

1. Be respectful of others’ views and opinions. When passionately discussing a topic, please be mindful of other participants, staff and employees.
2. Avoid blatantly promoting products or links that are irrelevant to the conversation.
3. Content may be subject to removal if it appears hostile or spammy. We all take an active role in moderating this group to ensure it’s a place that is welcoming and safe for everyone.
4. Information shared in this group is privileged. Unless otherwise noted, assume that all updates are private and are not to be shared with the public or customers. Similarly, do not discuss individual, private matters with the group such as customer experiences or email correspondence.
5. Seek official support channels first. While this group is helpful and active, know that this is not a dedicated support path Infusionsoft. Please first go through the proper support channels at or @askinfusionsoft ( before soliciting the group and/or employees for assistance.

This group is managed and moderated by Christina Kehoe and the Infusionsoft Partner Team.

This group will be monitored between 8AM- 5PM Arizona time, Monday through Friday. Please allow for longer response times if you are posting outside of these hours or on the weekend.

Thanks and enjoy your time here!