Federico Mahora cosmetics ! perfume's, aftershave, makeup+home cleaner

Nicola Prescott distributor for Federico Mahora cosmetics!perfume's + makeup

Got loads of samples of perfume and afew aftershave if any1 wants 2 try!there is also a business opportunity if you're intersted in making a bit of extra cash

post a comment if your intrested

I'm selling perfumes + makeup 4 federico mahora cosmetics,it's like avon,if u want 2 b a distributer,u keep 30% of each bottle u sell + if u sell at least 10 bottles a month u get an extra 3% at end of the month bonus,the more u sell the more bonus u get

you can become distributers for Federico Mahora cosmetics or become one of my recruites,let me know + I'll come down + show u my samples pack