yes to the Ivybridge incinerator

Hello my friends. Being an elderly gentleman I’ve struggled to use facebook but after being shown some tricks from my next door neighbours young son ,I’ve learnt to set up a facebook group! The first group I have decided to set up is on a subject I feel very passionate about and that is the erection of a local incinerator near Ivybridge. For many years I’ve been burning rubbish in my garden as I don’t trust the bin men around the south hams area. Since, I have become quite accustomed to the smell and it’s always been a fantasy of mine for the whole of Ivybridge to smell this way. Especially as I smell of urine most of the time and hopefully the incinerator will help to cover it for me. I also have a passion for large smoke clouds as it reminds me of my late wife Winifred’s cooking. I hope you can all join me on the matter and I’m sure you will have your own reasons for enjoying the incinerator such as the increase of Polish people living in the area, the tourism opportunities and not forgetting the great day out for all the family
Thanks for your time