Book Buddies Club of Upper Arlington

Hey everyone! Some new updates...
1. Norwester has asked for a picture to include in the yearbook. If we could get together and do that it would be great!
2. We need to decide if we want to go over the summer-\-\ I know it's not really fair to the seniors who have been very generous to volunteer and who would be off to college before we have our first meeting. I think it would be good to coordinate a time to meet for a picture and then stay briefly afterwards and collect thoughts.
3. For those of you interested in reading/literacy in a more official capacity, the Columbus Literacy Council is hosting a Student Prom this weekend from 4 to 7:30 on Saturday, May 21st and encourage prospective as well as current volunteers to attend. Additionally, they are having a volunteer orientation from 9:30 to 11:30 Saturday morning if you are interested in volunteering.