Menahga Area Swap & Shop

FYI: This group is a FREE FOR ALL!!
This is a list of guidelines I stole from other groups and just because I feel like I should post general rules I'm sharing them:

Sell, Trade or Buy new and used items. Also post events like parties you're having (Pampered Chef, Purse Parties,etc) services you offer (house cleaning, etc.)

*****Selling and trading is at your own risk, admins take no responsibility for sales.

****It is very strongly advised NOT to post your phone#’s and rather do that Exchange of information thru the FB inbox/messaging or your email system.

If you are Selling items: Please try to do so in the following manner:
CREATE an Album (such as Jane or John D’s Items for Sale) when you have several items for sale or several photo shots of the item, as they are sold then PLEASE delete the photo(s) of the item(s). And your original posting - or at least type sold, completed, or done , so it can be deleted.

POSTING PHOTO's is also a very helpful and visual way for people to actually see what it is you are posting about.

When Posting only one photo of 1 item then utilize the the Title and Description box with each photo outlining specifics about that Item. (Photos do not have to be uploaded in full resolution if YOU choose not to.
Please Post as follows:
For Sale: xxxxxcxxxx for xxx$$$ amount
with a brief description and instructions and preferred method of contact.

This makes it much easier for group members to find and or SEE what you are selling, trading or bartering or giving away.

If you should come back and post a photo after your first original posting - then please delete that first posting. This helps to keep the group wall and thread a little less cluttered.
For Sale: xxx item of furniture for xxx $$’s (OBO or firm)
For Sale: xxx vehicle / boat /bike/ trailer or what ever for xxxx $$’s (OBO or firm)
For Sale: xxx (household appliance or what ever) for xxx $$’s (OBO or firm)

For Sale:
For Trade/Barter:
To Give Away:
Looking for:

Utilizing these consistent standards also makes it easier to use the search feature of the group,(upper right hand corner) where you can either type in the Name of the person, or the item - and or the word Wanted or For Sale, and it will help you get to or find that post or which very likely is further down in the thread of the group.

You can invite or share the group with those you think would be interested in the Wadena/Sebeka Area Swap & Shop.

Reminder to double check your Group settings (again upper right hand corner)
Also Does EVERYONE understand the Bump - system?
This is a way to bump your post to the top of the Thread IF you have not sold it!
either type the word - bump with a period = bump. and or Comment on YOUR own Post with more information.