2nd Amendment Advocate

Listings of guns for sale are prohibited in this group. Due to a previously ongoing, narrowly-organized attempt by looney, extreme left-wing saboteurs/provocateurs attempting membership in this group for nefarious purposes, new membership requests to the 2nd Amendment Advocate forum will be scrutinized. Read more about this goat-fuck here:


A limited number of new memberships will be granted based only on long-time members' recommendations and vetting of profiles of people that request membership. If we can't identify you are 2A friendly by looking at your public profile, you probably will not be approved for membership. Send the group admin if you would like to be a member and your profile is completely private.

This group is established for 2nd Amendment advocates and enthusiasts, as well as those who would like to learn more about 2nd Amendment legislation. The primary goal is to share information that can be spread. The group is a force multiplier.

No negative input or flaming is acceptable. This is an open forum for positive discussions between like-minded individuals. Anti-2nd Amendment opinions are not welcome here.

The forum will be moderated for content. It is an information channel. If you appear to be a Communist, traitor, or otherwise enemy of the United States Constitution, you will be bounced.

The 1st Amendment is honored here, within described parameters. If there are arguments between forum members, they will be civil, or the forum moderator(s) will intervene. Moderator(s)' decisions are final. No appeals. An armed society is a polite society.

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