Etters Area Online Yard Sale

***If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Stacey Reis - Administration***

This is an online yard sale! All items are welcome: Homemade items, baby/kids clothes, toys, household items, womans, and mens clothing and much more! Have fun buying and selling your items! Just post a picture of the item or a description that you are looking for or want to sell. Invite your friends in the area to join the group!


-Please be safe and NO SCAMS!
-Include the price, location (and size if needed) on original post.
-The FIRST person to comment ANYTHING on your post has FIRST dibs on the item. If they do not reply for 24 hours, or tell you that they are not interested, you may move on to the NEXT person who commented. **If you need the item gone ASAP, make sure to include that, and then wait a reasonable amount of time before moving on to the next person.
-If you have multiple items you are selling, please post the pictures in ONE post/album, not one by one.
-Please delete your post after item is sold. It will help the page run smoothly and other people's new posts won't get deleted due to no more space on the page.
-ONLY COMMENT on posts that you are interested in. Do not correct people, make fun or cause drama on items other people post.
-Inappropriate language will NOT be tolerated.
-No selling guns.

This is a YARD SALE site. For selling items. Not for random discussion/what's happening in the area. Unfortunately I will have to delete any posts that are not selling or looking for an item. Sorry for any inconvenience.

There are rules for a reason. It is FAIR. This site is for adults, not children who start drama.

****Anyone who does not follow these rules/causes problems will be removed from the site.***** I CANNOT stress this enough. No more warnings. It is getting out of control. I apologize to the people who are following the rules and I can't thank you enough for not causing any problems. :)