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This is an AUTOMOTIVE site! This site is only for ads pertaining to any type of vehilce, or parts thereof, including but not limited to:

- Cars
- Trucks
- SUV's
- Vans
- Motorcycles
- ATV's
- Campers
- Trailers
- Boats
- Snowmobiles

Thank you for joining this group and we hope you have success with buying and selling items! To make sure this is a pleasant experience for all involved and to keep the site running smoothly and efficiently, please review the following few "rules":

1. NO other items are allowed other than the items outlined above. Failure to comply will have your ad removed and you may be removed from the group.

2. POSTING PHOTOS - you can either post them directly to the wall OR if you have 3 or more photos of one item, or are selling a lot of multiple items, then please feel free to make an album of your own! PLEASE NOTE: ALL photos (including those in albums) will be DELETED after 30 DAYS. This is to help keep down on the high volume and clutter of photos that are posted. If your item gets deleted and it was still available, feel free to repost it! Just make sure that the photo actually WAS deleted before reposting. If I find multiple photos of the same item, they WILL be deleted!

3. When posting items, please include a description of the item (year, make, model, etc.) and a PRICE. If you are located outside of the Kindersley area, please indicate where the item is located and if the item must be picked up or if delivery is possible. If the item is dirty or something is broken on it, PLEASE disclose that information so the buyer is aware of these things BEFORE they commit to buying the item!

4. BUMPING - Please limit "bumping" of photos to once every 48 hours! ("bumping" means making a comment on your own photo to "bump" it up to the top of the page). And please be courteous and only bump up a few photos at a time!

5. To purchase an item comment on the photo and/or private message the seller for pickup/payment details.

6. Once an item has sold, please be courteous and either delete the item, or mark it as sold so I know I can delete it. If items have been marked "sold pending pickup" (SPPU) for more than 3 days, I will delete those too. If the sale falls through, please feel free to repost!

7. Please help make this a positive experience for everyone involved by being courteous and respectful of others. If you say you'll purchase an item, please follow through and pay for/pick up the item in a timely manner. If for some reason you cannot purchase the item anymore, then please make every effort to contact the seller and let them know! If I get too many complaints about a certain person being a no-show or making empty promises to pick up an item, etc., they will be removed permanently from the site. This goes for sellers as well - if a potential buyer has contacted you about one of your items, please respond to them in a timely fashion!

** Some people aren't aware of this, but if you are just interested in seeing the photos that have been posted to the wall but don't want to spend all that time scrolling through the many, many posts, there IS a way to easily scroll through JUST the photos. Click on the "photos" tab at the top of the group page. At the top of that page, you'll see all the photo albums that people have created. If you scroll down past those, there is a gallery of just the photos that were posted to the wall. They are sorted from most recent to oldest **

** Any abuse, harassment, or profanity of any kind will not be tolerated. You will be banned from the group. Please let's keep this site a successful tool. **

Tim Forfar

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