Hello everyone, for all of you who don't know know me, I'm Rosie Barwick, your Freshers Director this year. I am applying for the role of John Snow Sports Officer.
Being a captain of john snow netball last year and captain of rounders this year I understand how important it is to have a sports officer that is well organised and easily contactable, which I can guarantee I will be.
I am willing to put in as much time into this role as it needs, especially to make sure that everyone is happy. I am open to take any suggestions about the way in which the college deals with sports teams and fixtures and will make it the best that it can be. I will do this by working closely with the JCR, College and the sports staff. Working closely with sports teams captains is such an important part of the role and I understand the situation with extra training slots. For those who need extra times in the sports hall I will ensure time slots are allocated fairly to teams who require them and advise teams who train outside.
Being so involved in the JCR and college sports means I have contact with the student body making it easier to be approached to solve any issues or problems anyone may have.
Last year I helped organise the sports tour to Dublin, it was a big success and I believe that everyone had a brilliant time. This year I intend to organise a fabulous tour for as many sports teams as possible, people who do not play on a sport team will also be able to come as spectators which offers this experience to anyone. Along with organising the sports tour I also want to organise sports socials throughout the year too.
The previous sports officer had some brilliant ideas which I intend to use. Having photos of the sports teams in stash to display in the common room areas. Working along side Stevo sports officer to hold a competitive sports event at the end of the year against Stevo. JOHN SNOW BARMY ARMY