Bell County TX Stockpile sales/trades

This is a group created for people to buy, sell, trade stockpile goods. Examples are personal hygiene items, household cleaners, pet products, etc. This is NOT a yardsale page, so please no other items on here.

-Products bought at the military commissaries are NOT to be bought, sold, or traded for on this page. That is strictly against commissary regulations and the posts will be deleted.
-Food and drink products are ok, as long as they are not opened and not WIC products. It is against WIC policy to sell products obtained through the program. Unopened products ONLY for the safety of all members.
-NO drama, please! If you do not like or want what someone posts, please just move on. Bad mouthing will not be tolerated.
-To make transactions easier, it is best to set up a common meeting place that you will use regularly.
-ISO (in search of) posts are welcome, however hand out posts are NOT. Please do not ask for free items. If someone wants to post an item they are giving away for free, that is fine.
-I would suggest keeping your shopping receipts to prove you bought the items. No one wants to worry about stolen goods.
-When members message each other on Facebook, PLEASE remember to check your "other" messages folder, or you may not see the message.
-Alcohol and tobacco products are NOT allowed to be bought, sold, or traded on this page, thank you!
-Feel free to post questions/thoughts/suggestions about couponing, selling, buying, etc. We are all here to help each other.

If anyone has a bad experience with another member, please message me so we can handle it.