Discussions About Online Anti Semitism

A group composed of members of our page. Discussions on anti-Semitism online & what we can do to put an end to it. Play fair, be courteous and will not allow personal attacks here. We need to expose this problem to the world. Will also post 'pages/groups' we need help reporting. Feel free to add all your friends here & make sure to like our page.


Addendum to description:

New Rule:

As a result of too many joining Discussions About Online anti-Semitism who only mean to disturb the discussions, or are anti-Semites themselves, we have tightened the rules.

As of 5/26/2014, all new applicants' profiles will be checked to assure the Admins that the applicant is truly against anti-Semitism and is an advocate for Israel and the Jews.

Should there be any questions, the applicant will be messaged for an explanation and will not be approved until they respond.

If the Admins have no response within 24 hours of the request for a response they will be blocked.

We hope that all who wish to be members of this important group, understand the need for this new rule.

Thank you,

The Admins.