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This site was started to investigate the possibility of a cancer cluster around North St. Louis County's Coldwater Creek, potentially caused by radioactive waste dumped near the St. Louis Airport. The creek flows next to two piles of nuclear waste referred to as SLAPS and HISS by the Army Corps of Engineers. These piles were generated from the purification of uranium between the 1940s-1960s, and the Army Corps of Engineers has been remediating these piles in recent years.

The Corps FUSRAP reports explain various possible health risk scenarios/exposure pathways to humans concerning the "Contaminants of Concern" in the nuclear waste piles. You are urged to spend time carefully reviewing the ROD (Record of Decision) linked here:

There is much information to wade through in the ROD. If you are short on time and cannot read the entire document, be sure to read pages 2-14, 2-15, 2-18, 2-24, 2-27, and 2-28.

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Local STL resources for cancer patients:
1. Free housecleaning for women undergoing chemo

2. Free massage therapy for cancer patients

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