Targeted Individual -Evidence Collection

Share any medical or other evidence, testimony, support from a politician or other goverment authority, activism, photos, books about remote political control technology and
methods, interviews of the targeted,... etc.- whatever your heart desires. At this point, we are trying to build to hard evidence, but any proof is sparse. The hope is we can keep building to solid evidence from our current baseline! :)
Please follow these simple rules 1. Behave in an adult manner - no name-calling. Also, keep your word choice civil; cursing is not necessary and prohibited. 2. Show respect for diversity and alternate opinions. You just may learn something. 3. No spamming the wall. One post of each article is plenty. 4. Please don't flood the wall. 5. PLEASE limit yourself to just One post once a week if YOU ARE RE - POSTING SAME INFO. 6. Anyone who block an admins will be asked to unblock that admin if they refuse to unblock them or do not respond back then they will be removed from the group. 7 .If theological viewpoints become abusive in this group, the user(s) responsible will be removed!

8. This is a TI group and we try and keep our posts to TI related issues most of the time. . Please keep this in mind when posting, as non related posts will be removed. 9. Please post in English or ensure your posts can be translated .
10. DO NOT CALL AN ADMINISTRATOR A PERP. We suffer too and do not need the extra drama. If you feel that way it is because you are confused or have a more serious issue and you should leave the group politely.

If you violate these simple rules, you may be removed and/or banned, with or without notice

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding