Minnesota Music

A spot for musicians from Minnesota to talk about our current events, musical instruments, etc.


1. Be kind. Joke with your friends, but anything offensive or rude will get you banned.

2. If you are selling musical gear you may post it here, but you must post it with a picture or it will be treated as spam.

3. You must check the Musician Log under the "Files" tab before you post looking for members.

4. If you are on the musician log, please alert the admins listed at the bottom of the file when you find a band.

We want this place to be up to date, resourceful and a helpful environment. The only way we can do that is by making this place just that.


Message the admins with concerns or if you would like to have something pinned to the page.

Admin contact info:

Mitch Sheppard

Maxwell Heytens