Global Women's Summit Woodland Hills CA

Let's Make More Lemonade Moments! Biểu tượng cảm xúc smile YES YES YES! Let's face it! There is so much happening, changing, shifting on this planet and some of the sunniest days can somehow someway turn into sour lemons if we let it. "The bummer" (if you will) about letting life throw us off center is that it seems to wash away all the goodness that happened just before the fear was triggered. WHAT IF.... What if we could learn to make more lemonade out of those lemon-like moments of high resolve? What if we allowed more of the opportunities of "less than perfect" moments to be experienced "ah-ha" moments? What if we developed an ability to witness life in the midst of all its moments, highs and lows, and turned our lives into more moments of Self Mastery and wonder? It's possible! What can YOU turn into lemonade today?