Emergency Lights on POV (Personal Own Vehicle)

This group is about installing emergency lights on a Personal owned vehicle (POV). Do not post FIRE, EMS, POLICE,RESCUE SQUAD, or Utilities unless you did the installs yourself. Simple as that. (If discovered you didn't, you will be removed.) This site will show people posting their in-work, and finish results of a POV. If you have any questions, please ask the person respectfully! Thank you!
Guys, please remember this place is called "Emergency Lights on a POV (Personal Own Vehicle)". As this is also more of a display then a selling location, we are now setting the rules into effect as of January 14, 2014.

1) If you are posting a website for emergency lights, via business or personal owned business, you are only allowed one post. No same two sites are allowed to be posted by different people. Please make sure you follow this rule.
2) We are also placing a stop to people selling, buying, trading, and etc. If you wish to do this, do it in private messages. We do NOT want to take liability into our hands and take responsinciblity for any good or bad transaction.
3) No advertisement of special deals you or your business maybe running. It will be deleted and considered spam. With this in mind, this page is to display emergency lights installed on vehicles done by you.
4) If asking a question, make sure you ask kindly and politelly.
5) I've noticed a lot lately that people are NOT reporting spam, and for sell post. So, if you see a for sell post, we ask you to report it, so we the staff can resolve the issue. From this point on, their is no more commenting on items for sell, unless it's to tag an ADMIN to resolve the issue.
6) Again, it's been noticed a lot of people who are posting post about, "Should I sell or Keep my set up?" This is now officially a ZERO-Tolerance. This page constist of showing off "Personal Owned Vehicle" or work you've done on another person's vehicle.
7) We've also seen a lot of "Hey, do you want to trade?" and etc Post. I ask that you reframe from make this comment also, due to the fact that the owner probably doesn't want to remove from his vehicle.
8) All actions by the Admin will be noted in a private conference between the seven of them. With that being said, if you have a question that a single admin can answer, feel free to ask politely. If it requires a group admin decision, then we will dicuss the actions in a conference private message.

Please Note: More will be added on a later date, if the need is felt.

Joshua Daniel Lee Cates
Kevin Kimberlin,Jeff Misty Snow, Kermit Donell Hairston, Johnny Etter Jr., Sam Chase