Ansted Inside Yard Sale

Ansted Inside Yard Sale Is In Ansted, WV Across The Road From Gino's!! We Have Just Opened This Shop And Hope To Do Good!! Right Now It Is Only An Inside Yard Sale That Is Open Everyday From 10am-4pm With Alot Of Good Stuff Priced Cheap!! We Hope To Do Good So That We May Turn It Into A Consignment Shop Later!!

Some Of The Profit Made From This Will Go To Help Sonya Hudnall Who Was Recently Diagnosed With Lukemia!!

We Also Have A Setup That If You Have A Little Bit Of Stuff You Want To Sell But Don't Feel Like Selling It Yourself , You Are Allowed To Bring This Stuff In And We Will Try To Sell It For You For A 20% Profit!! We Are Doing This Because 10% Will Go To Sonya And 10% Will Go For Up Keep!!

Please Come In and Check Things Out And See If Maybe You Can Find Something You Need Or Want!!

Any Questions Please Feel Free To Ask Us And One Of The Adminstrators Will Get Back To You ASAP!!