Glendive MT Bitch and Complain Page

NO advertising! This is the Bitch & Complain Page... Not the advertise your business or sell your crap nobody wants on any other pages page. Want to advertise... Check out Dawson County Community Chatter & Events. Want to sell something... Dawson County New & Used. Need somewhere to live or want to rent out your place... Looking For a Place to Call Home. General community questions... Dawson Discussion. However, I do like animals so the missing/found pets can stay. And by all means... If you want a job... Put for some effort and go to or visit your local Job Service where they have TONS of listings!

If you want to complain about something go ahead and complain! You will NOT be censored for your language, what you say or how you say it!

There's few rules here... none really... I'd call it common logic!! (Which some of you idiots lack!)....... Don't be a bully. This can be a totally grey area. We agree. Use common sense.

AND the newest rule (again, common logic).... This place is to BITCH & COMPLAIN --- it's in the title. Individuals are going to come here & complain & vent & bitch. That's the entire purpose. If you're stupid enough to feel the need to run & tattle tale & it's found out (proved, admitted, you get the idea)... You will be removed. Without a second chance. I tell my kids not to tattle. I shouldn't have to remind grown adults!!! Seriously. (Obviously, if someone is going to actually hurt someone else or themselves that may be different. (again that's kind of grey) But purposely telling on someone... Stupid.)