Camp Pendleton Yard Sale / Sales & Services Page

Welcome to the Camp Pendleton Yard Sale / Sales & Services Page!

This group is intended and designed as a local sales & service page where you can buy and sell with other military affiliated people. Please do not add your friends and family who do not have access to Camp Pendleton. We have made some guidelines that need to be followed. Please read the Rules (listed below) & Factsheet (listed in the "Files" tab located on the top of the page) for the FAQ's before selling or buying anything on here. The result of not following these rules could end in removal from this page.

Thank you…

Yard Sale Page Camp-Pendleton


2. ALL pictured items MUST be put into a corresponding album created by the admins. Please input the description of the item you intend to sell, the asking price, and the general location of where you’re located.
3. DO NOT SELL ANY WIC ITEMS!! It is a CRIME and you will BE REPORTED TO THE WIC OFFICE. This is NOT a joking matter. You are definitely free to post these items for FREE, but selling them is WRONG.
4. Please keep the page clean by deleting your posts once something is sold. If you are re-posting an item, please delete your older posts.
5. Advertising HOME businesses are WELCOMED!!
6. This is a Sales Page. We understand people are all trying to meet others in the area, but there are other pages that have already been created for the Camp Pendleton area. PLEASE do not post about get-togethers and other general everyday questions. It crowds things up and is not the purpose of this page. These posts will be automatically deleted.
7. When you put the price for the item you’ve listed for sale and do NOT want to go any lower, please post price and “FIRM” in the description. Otherwise, it’s assumed that the price is negotiable. If you see a post and know you can get it cheaper, keep your comments to yourself. If the person doesn’t want to pay the price then they won’t. Keep your negative comments to yourself! "If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all". If you are caught doing so in a public form you will be removed from the group.
8. Watch for copyright violations. We understand that you might not always realize that so just be aware. You cannot sell items that are copyrighted due to the law. Without having permission, you cannot sell items with copyrighted Logos on them that are not a product you have bought in a store yourself. Copyright laws can always be confusing so just keep them in mind. We do not want ANYONE to get in trouble for something that you just don’t realize. If you have any questions concerning copyrights, please feel free to contact the admins by messaging us at
9. The items sold on this page are as-is. Once something has sold and money has exchanged hands, please do not expect a refund. The admins are here to help moderate the page. You are responsible for the items you are selling & buying, we as admins are not.
10. It is ILLEGAL to sell drop side cribs! And it is against the rules here as well! Make sure when you are selling cribs, it meets the federal guidelines.
11. Limit your "BUMPS" to one time per week. If a PCS is taking place, you may contact the Camp Pendleton Yard Sale / Sales & Services Page administrators at for permission to bump an extra few times per week, up to a few weeks prior to moving.
12. This is a Military affiliated group only. If you are aware of any non-military affiliated members in this group, please contact the admins via private message at
13. In order to sell tickets for events on this site, it is REQUIRED that you show proof of purchase for the tickets you are trying to sell. This means you need to provide a receipt and post a photo of it online.
14. We want this to be a fun page where you can post, sell, & buy. If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, please message the admins at

Have fun! :)

**DISCLAIMER - THIS GROUP IS NOT RUN BY OR AFFILIATED WITH CAMP PENDLETON. IT IS RUN BY A GROUP OF PEOPLE ON THE BASE AND THE BASE HAS NO CONNECTIONS WITH THIS GROUP. Considering this is a Facebook group, we have the right to delete members for not following rules per any situation as we see fit. Any and ALL issues are spoken through every admin who agrees or disagrees with deleting said person. These are to ensure that all members get unbiased consideration upon deletion. If you feel that these rules are not fair or you do not wish to comply, please remove yourself. By remaining a member of this group, it means you have read/understood/and will follow the rules. It is a Facebook group and it bears the name of the base, yet not the official name. We admins do our best to try and ensure everyone gets fair treatment (fair also means that if an admin has personal issues with said member, they inform other admins and they step away from the process of determining the solution), but since it is a Facebook group and our own personal way of helping others buy/sell we are in our rights to do as we wish.**

For more information on the rules, please read the FACTSHEET for the Q&A's located at this link...