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Welcome everyone to
This Group is for gamers and all freinds

1.Remember that this is a gaming group,so post anything about games.

2.If we will need an admin we will announce it.

3.Don’t post any Group/Blog/Page/Website/advertisement etc. without the permission of any two Admins of the Group. Take Permission First, Then Post your Advertisement.

4.If u require anything, you can send a personal message to any of the ADMINS.

5.Any kind of Vulgar/Abusive post or comment will be deleted immediately without any information. Ads will also be deleted at the earliest.

6.Please do not use abusive language in the group. Talk with all members politely.

7. Don’t Request any other thing (Software/ Music/ Movie/Image etc) except Games.

8. We are not Uploaders/Game Crackers/Hackers, We just give existing Link of Torrents or any other games, so Please Download anything at your own risk. But we can try to solve any problems that you are facing while downloading/installing any game.

9.You Can also Post Images/Videos/News of any Movies related to games, Like Spiderman, Prince of Persia, Batman, Harry Potter Etc.

10.You can Post any Image/Video/News related to Games.

11.We do not believe in BAN, So do not do anything bad. If you violate the rules, you will be warned thrice before you are permanently removed from the group.

12. All Rights Reserved for ADMINS.