40 Day Gratitude Circle

♥ The next "official" 40-day Gratitude Circle will begin in the Spring 2015 ♥

When the 40 day practice begins, all you have to do is come to this page and post something (or many things) you are grateful for. I will guide the group with a daily inspiration and it's that simple!

Between now and the time we begin, please feel free to post here as frequently as you'd like...continuing to build our beautiful and supportive community.

< 3 This will change your life...one gratitude post at a time. ♥

The group is secret and private so only members can see what is posted.

1) In order to preserve the intention for this community around gratitude, this forum will *ONLY* be a place for sharing gratitudes. No ads or promotions. Thank you for your understanding this...I don't like guidelines but this one seems like a good one to have. With love. I also reserve the right to share my own content and special offerings with you that I feel may benefit your journey.

2) The purpose of this group is LOVE. Be kind to each other. Be compassionate. Be patient. Be the person you want others to be.

3) All of Julie Santiago's words and images belong to Julie Santiago Inc. and are under copy write and subject to the terms and conditions found on her website. If you'd like to use any of Julie's content, questions or materials, please contact her for consent.

Much love and gratitude for you being here!


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