21 Day Ultimate Energy Immersion Private Group


WELCOME!! This is a PRIVATE Facebook Group to be used in conjunction with Panache Desai's Ultimate Energy Immersion 21 Day program.

Your Destination for Daily Interactive Vibrational Support with Panache and Participants of This Exclusive 21 Day Private Facebook Group.

Energy is constantly shifting states. What you require in the morning may shift dramatically by evening. How can you best receive support for the constantly shifting and changing energies of the day?

Panache has created this PRIVATE Facebook Group for you to receive support and insight, a place to post your breakdowns and your breakthroughs, while staying connected to Panache and the power of the collective group energy.

You are never alone. You are supported every step of the way during the 21 Days of Ultimate Energy Immersion by Panache and the collective light and love of your fellow participants. Panache will be checking in periodically each day, commenting and answering questions as he is guided, while you may also give or receive light and love from your fellow participants.