Northwestern University SASA

The South Asian Student Alliance of Northwestern University is committed to not only tying together the South Asian community on campus, but sharing such a unique and moving culture with those outside the community as well. Along with the intent of cherishing diversity while strengthening the unity of such an orgnanization, NU SASA also becomes affiliated with the national South Asian scene and lives up to its very name.

If you have any questions or want to become more involved in SASA, please feel free to contact any one of our board members!

Monica Mehta, Co-President
Amar Shah, Co-President
Parag Dharmavarapu, Treasurer
Aakash Shah, Vice President of External Affairs
Akhil Katakam, Vice President of Cultural Affairs
Vivek Magati, Secretary
Ksheeraja Ravi, Director of Public Relations
Amar Shah, Vice President of Educational Affairs
Leona Maliakal, Director of Technology
Roshan Abid, Director of Philanthropic Affairs
Naveen Reddy, ASG Senator