Overheard at GW

1. Post pictures, videos, quotes, etc. that are biza...rre, funny, or thought-provoking.
2. Generally, a sentence or two accompanies these posts to tell where on campus it took place and a short description. These should be concise and other comments, opinion, debates, can be posted in the comments section so to not clog the feed.
3. Political or other debates are bound to happen in the comments section of certain posts. Please keep them civil and try not to compare either side to Hitler.
4. Keep everything relevant, concise, and nice.

If you see a post that is inappropriate for this page, you can report it and admins will review it. When a comment section gets lengthy, we may not be able to read each comment so please report any abuse or bullying. People who are consistently abusing others will be warned or banned.

Overheard is a space for us to post things that have been overheard for others' enjoyment. If it is something that is distasteful or offensive, and you know others would not enjoy such content, please do not post it. If you aren’t sure if your post is appropriate for the page, ask an admin.

Before posting, consider if your post might be more appropriate for another group:
1. Events and parties
2. Buying/selling textbooks, bikes, etc.
3. Lost & Found

In the end, you are responsible for your own posts/comments, and neither the group as a whole, nor any administrator, will be responsible for your actions.

TL;DR Keep posts relevant and short, it's now up to members to report inappropriate posts rather than admins automatically deleting, abuse won't be tolerated.

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