49ers Faithful

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A group for all of those fans who still love the greatest football team ever! Now the most populated Forty Niner global group on facebook

Welcome to our 49ers Faithful group! We embrace all of you die-hard 9er fans and want to help create an atmosphere that allows everyone to discuss their favorite team without putting up with spam, ads, off-topic threads, disrespect, or intimidation. In order to do that, we have come up with a few rules that we work hard to enforce. There are two moderators of this group: Eric Poyntz (creator) and LaQuanda Randall (admin). As our team continues the Quest for Six, our group continues to grow and our membership requests are coming in fast every day. We view each profile for authenticity and interest in the team to limit the number of trolls and spammers. If you happen to slip through the cracks and post ads, spam, or loyalty for another NFL team, you and your posts will be removed from the group. Anyone else selling merchandise will be removed from the group. As far as fundraising goes it is a case by case basis, and will have to get the approval or both Admins, any fundraisers not cleared by Admins will be removed immediately. Also be advised that neither of Admins are responsible for anything that falls through with a fundraiser. Also be advised that while we can do some personal fundraisers, these personal ones should only occur around the slow part of the offseason as to not effect other news. 49er related fundraisers (see: Billboard fund ) can take place during the season but again at no responsiblity of the admins. The moderators will not deal with any monetary transactions and the group is not responsible for any business transpired between members. Our best advice for members when noticing an ad OR spam that has appeared without our knowledge is to tag Eric or myself in a comment on that post. That way we can locate the thread and remove the user as quickly as possible. We allow comments, questions, debates, memes, posts, and links regarding the 49ers. No other sports or topics are allowed here. There are other groups for baseball, hockey, basketball etc. And your personal non-topic posts can be displayed on your profile. This group is called 49ers Faithful because that’s why we’re all here. The occasional major NFL topics will be allowed a couple threads for a limited period of time. We do not allow: excessive profanity, racial jokes or slurs, sexual orientation type jokes or slurs, threats, or displaying another member’s personal info. If we see it, you and the post will be removed from the group. This is a closed group that has many veteran members who enjoy the atmosphere and loyalty to the team. We aim to keep it that way while also allowing plenty of room for new (and true!) 49ers Faithful to climb on board.