The K-Rho Death Rho NUPE EVENTS Facebook Group is the official and primary Facebook Group of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity's Kaptivating Kappa Rho Chapter @ SUNY Albany.

Throughout the course of the year we host several interesting, interactive, and informative educational, social, and fundraising events along with engaging in community service.

And this Facebook Group is the primary channel by which we will inform you of our activities or contact you regarding any news or messages we'd like to share with you.

By being a member of the group you will get all the information via a simple Facebook message, instead of one of us tracking you down and throwing a program or party flyer at you while you get a Meal Swipe in the Campus Center. Who are we kidding, we will do that any way!!!

We hope to see you at many of our events!

Yours Truly,

The NUPES of Kappa Rho