Game Development

This is a group dedicated to the art of video game development. We encourage discussion of views on the industry and we are aiming to provide support for any questions people may have about the game development process.

If you have a pressing question, please do the following before posting anything:
1. If you are looking for help doing something - try it on your own first.
2. Search in Google/Bing for it
3. Search the group for the topic in question.
4. Don't be a 'Help Vampire'
5. This group is English only, so please make posts in English

No more game promotions. If you want to promote your game or hear about game promotions, then go to the Indie Game Promo group ( ).

This does not include fundraisers (Kickstarters, Indiegogo, etc.). You should still feel free to post them here.

Hopefully this will help more interesting discussion occur and more important news to be shared here in this group.

If you're a service provider (aka freelancer, consultant, contractor), keep promotional posts to one every 2 weeks. Any posts more frequent than that will be declined.

If you're sharing a link, say something (i.e. why should 13,000+ people care), don't just post the link or it will be declined.

If you're a newbie/n00b/student then please also look at how to properly ask questions in forums and groups, this FAQ exists in almost 20 languages. It will help you to receive more useful answers:

2 questions have popped up in various forms many times. "How do I make a game?" and less so but still relevant, "How do I get a job in the game industry?". We have created 2 docs to have the answers to these questions in one place. The docs are:

Any posts relevant to those 2 questions in any form will no longer be allowed. Read those docs!

*** WARNINGS ***
Any disrespectful behavior, arguing with the admins, or disregard of the above rules will likely result in having the post removed, or the poster being kicked or banned. Spammers are kicked/banned without warning.