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This is a group announcement:

We as group admins, respect and admire the members of the group. we have our own teams to support and sometimes defend, just like everyone else in this group. it's the right of the member to express his/her ideas, points... etc. but it seems, and am sorry to say, that some members have taken it too far, and have clearly crossed the line. any offense on a group member, "as an individual" will not be tolerated. one can reject or maybe laugh at other people's ideas, it's not polite, but any posts or comments should be measured before its on the wall. but comments on individuals (i.e. making fun of their language, way of expressing themselves, they way they look, cursing... etc) will no longer be welcomed in the group. even if we have to remove all members, i will take a group of 4 members that share respect, rather than a million that disrespect each other.

Bad losers are no allowed here.

Thank you.