East Butler Fire/Rescue/Ems Stations 9 & 44

The East Butler Volunteer Fire and Releif assn was organized on October 26th 1942 with just one truck a 1931 Model A with 90 gallon water tank and a 500 gpm piston pump.(purchased for 500.00) The first ever meeting was held at the old East Butler school and on this night the original officers were elected as follows.. Chief Floyd Trimber, Assisant Chief Valentine Green and Captain Carl Osche.. Just 4 days after the Fire Department became official the Company was faced with its first major fire on Halloween day 1942, the fire was at the the Pittsburgh Steel drum and was battled for 24 hours with the help of fire companys from Butler City and Saxonburgh Borough the Company was a total loss.
After this fire the Department purchased Pittsburgh Steel and Drums ambulance to use as a squad car it was a 1942 ford .
1944 the Valvoline oil company donated a diamaond t fire truck with a 500 gallon water tank with a 500 gpm centrifugal pump. These units were all housed at the Happy Hollow dance hall until the department made plans for a new station to be complete by the fall of 1947. In 1948 the Department purchased there first brand new apparatus witch was a 1948 GMC pumper for the cost of 10,500.
In 1950 the increasing fire losses in the Onedia Vally Fire Chief John Stutz and Pete Mulinski helped Oneida Vally orginize a new Volunteer Fire Company.. East Butler sold them there model a for a 100.00, Leaving the borough with only one truck to protect the area.
In 1958 the department decided that the company buy a new truck to handle the numerous brush and woods fires occuring in the area so the department laid out the plans for a new 4wd ford pumper(brush 2) fit for off road fires.
As 1964 rolled around the 1948 gmc pumper was begining to become costly for the department to maintain so the membership purchased a 1964 ford with a 500 gallon tank and 1000 gpm pump also known as pumper 1 in the amount of 12,500 . This addition gave the department a new pumper and a 4wd brush truck.
By the 1970's the Fire Company decided that they would purchase a van for 2500.00 to haul equipment to and from the fire scene as well as in the emergency situation to haul firefighters to the hospital for the first 2 years this unit ran rescues as well as fires for first aid training, in "72 and "73 two firemen went to and past emt school the first 2 were John Stutz and Reed Karenbauer. During the period over the next four years 15 more graduated from emt school
Industry grew and multiplied, the community expanded and the increasing threat of costly fires the department purchased a 1974 mack with a 500 gallon tank and a 1000 gpm pump.(engine 4)
1975 the department had 2 fire pumpers, a four wheel drive brush truck and an emergency van and another in ambulance in the works, and a crew of finely trained men ready to cope with the emergency needs of a prospering community.