Finneytown Paranoia III

Finneytown Paranoia III
Hey everybody, and welcome to the Third Finneytown Paranoia event. This group will serve as an open group for anyone who is interested in the event. Once teams are formed, there will be two separate closed groups: One for the teams that have signed up, and one for the representatives of each team who will assist in the rulemaking process). A form will be posted in this open group that will serve as your team’s sign up.
There will be a few basic rules that are enacted now and not decided by the representatives. These are to make the sign-up process easier and faster. Rules:
1. You must be a current member of Finneytown High School (grades 9-12) to participate.
2. Foreign exchange students and Oaks students are allowed to participate. It should be noted that it will be difficult for Oaks students to enjoy the game due to their distance and varied schedules.
3. You must have a complete team sign-up form turned in by March 14th to Joe Brueggemeyer.
4. If your team doesn’t agree with the rules created after sin-ups, you may resign from the games for a partial refund. If you alone do not wish to participate after rules are created, you must alert me (Joe) of your decision and your team will need to select a replacement (single resignations will not be given refunds).
5. Play to win. None of this “have fun” and “make new friends” crap.
6. If you take the laws, Paranoia rules, and/or school rules into your own hands, I can’t protect you and I won’t support you. Streakers be warned.