Whitewater Rafting on the Ocoee

Okay errbody. So the discussion is up. Here are the details, followed with some questions. Answer me a few questions and we can move forward. Everyone who plans on going needs to answer and then I can start getting reservations made.

-Who: All of us, guys and girls. Preferably the most rowdy bunch we can get. If you have a friend who wants to go, and can pay then talk to me and they can go.

--What: Whitewater Rafting on the Ocoee / Camping.

--Whitewater Rafting: Cost: 40$ and under

The middle Ocoee river trip is the one we will be doing. The Middle Ocoee explodes into five miles of almost continuous whitewater, with over 20 Class III and IV rapids. From the Class IV Grumpy Rapid at the start, to the grand finale Hell's Hole, the Ocoee is just fuckin badass. It is for beginners and experienced whitewater rafters. Trip Includes a new pair of shorts after you ruin them from the excitement.
Helmets and rafts are provided, along with a river guide. There are portions of shit-your-pants thrilling rapids, and then there are parts where we can literally get out of the raft and swim for a while.

Trip time is roughly 4-5 hours on the water.

--Camping portion: Cost : 0$ (free)

For those of us who would like to camp the night before the whitewater rafting, we can do so. I know some places nearby that are remote and great for camping. We can get loud rowdy and have a good time overall. Activities include consumption of beverages, fishing, cooking, camping, whatever you really want to do. All costs of sleeping bags and large tents are covered. We have kayaks and canoes for us..and we will want to camp near the lake and screw around.

---When: *EITHER* Select a day between the 24th of June and the 29th of June
OR---The weekend of July 4th (July 1,2,3,4)

----Where: Chattanooga TN, 2 Hours from Nashville (CARPOOL). I live in Chattanooga and have a place to sleep, change, party, whatever we need to do.

**Directions: from I-65, make your way to I-24 East. (Most of you know how to do that, If not Adam Ozier will drive and he knows how to get pretty much anywhere.) Once on I-24 E, follow it for appx 115 Miles. Get off on exit 1A for MLK Blvd toward Downtown. From there, call me and we will rendezvous to the campsite, or directly to the river.

-----Why: Because we all need to get together and have an amazing time. Evan Dunning says "WHY WOULDN'T WE go camping and white water rafting" Enough Said.

So here's what I need from you all, answered.

1. Do you want to go?
2. Can you actually go?
3. Would you like to camp the night before?
4. What date works best for you, either a date between the (24th-29th of june) or the (1st-4th) of July.
5. Would you like to volunteer to carpool in Brentwood?
6. Are you actually going to commit instead of waiting until the last minute and saying dude i can't go?

^^^ answer those for me and we will be straight and ready to go. We'll talk about it here on FB.