Nairobi Expat Cars Marketplace

This Group is All about Cars! whether you want to Buy a car or you want to sell your car or you want to Rent/Hire a car this is the Place to seek the service! Also get recommendations on the Best Mechanic in town and where to service your car! Also Gives Expats leaving or arriving a good link to sell or acquire a previous Expat car without a big hustle!

Its a free market and i wish to keep the Rules basic follow the law! both local and internationally accepted best practice! but due to a number of complains from a number of sellers this should be taken into consideration!

1. The buyer goes to see the car! but this is not cast on the wall :) the buyer is free to request the seller to bring the car to a point of convenience especially if the buyer is not well conversant with the city. But this should not be to the disadvantage of the seller, this is so because the seller may end up incurring costs to sometimes jokers or not very serious clients. And to limit on this the seller is free to ask a full reimbursement of his/her fuel costs or parking fees the conservative figure for Nairobi area 30kms diameter will be put at a kshs 1,000 ($10)